How does ARMOR work?

Technical operation ARMOR

With one ARMOR set, you can monitor up to 10 people in real-time.
The set consists of the following parts:
Hartslag sensor
The user wears the optical heart rate monitor on his arm, allowing the heart rate data to be measured very accurately.
ARMOR zender
The user keeps the ARMOR transmitter in their pocket or wears it on their arm. The measurement data from the heart rate monitor is sent to the monitoring application via the transmitter.
Monitoring applicatie
The supervisor has direct insight via the ARMOR monitoring application, which shows the body core temperature and PSI (Physiological Strain Index) score of each user.
Patented algorithm

Patented algorithm

ARMOR provides a comfortable, non-invasive method of monitoring core body temperature.

The integrated ECTemp algorithm used to estimate core body temperature is developed by the United States Army Research Division (USARIEM) and has been extensively tested for accuracy. It is used for ARMOR Heat Monitor under license. U.S. Patent Number is 10,702,165, issued July 7, 2020.

Real-time information

Real-time information

The ARMOR application provides an overview with details of all participants. For each participant, the current estimated body core temperature is displayed, as well as the physiological strain index (PSI). The PSI is a rating of the relative heat strain on a scale of 1 to 12.

The application identifies the risks to the participants using a color scheme (green, orange, red) that can be customized by the supervisor.

As soon as the heat strain of a participant is too high, the app will sound an alarm. The supervisor can then intervene immediately and initiate actions according to a defined protocol.

Implementation ARMOR Heat Monitor

Implementation ARMOR Heat Monitor

Choosing ARMOR Heat Monitor means choosing an integrated company policy to prevent health damage due to heat stress. The policy or protocol describes how the deployment of ARMOR Heat Monitor is handled and what actions take place after alerts by the system. The security of the personal and medical data of the monitored persons is also included in this policy.

At Evalan we have experience with the organizational and policy side of the implementation of ARMOR Heat Monitor. We are also happy to advise you in this area.

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