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Causes and Risks of Heat Injury

Causes and Risks of Heat Injury

During physical exertion, the human body produces heat. Under favorable conditions, only 20% of all energy is converted into movement, the remaining 80% is released as heat. The body will try to dissipate excess heat. The main mechanism for this is sweating. If the body can dissipate enough heat, the core temperature will not rise too much.

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There are also situations where the body cannot sufficiently dissipate heat. High humidity, a high ambient temperature, or lack of wind counteract the heat dissipation of the body.

Even when wearing dense protective clothing, heavy equipment, and during strenuous physical exertion, a situation sometimes arises in which the body cannot sufficiently dissipate heat. This increases the risk of a dangerous rise in core body temperature and possible heat injury.

Een ernstige hitteberoerte kan dodelijk zijn

Heat-related injury takes many forms and ranges from mild symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, and confusion to life-threatening injuries such as coma or damage to the organs. Severe heatstroke can even sometimes be fatal.

Every year there are many victims of heat injuries worldwide. Soldiers, endurance athletes, firefighters, and industrial workers are particularly at risk of heat injury.

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